Ready-made and custom-built websites from Thailand’s web specialists.

We build corporate and e-commerce websites that can be fully integrated with business management and third-party software. Our services include full consultation on the content, design and layout, including copywriting, SEO and SEM (marketing) services.




The world’s most popular content management system

Wordpress makes it easier for anyone to start a website. It gives you great control to make future updates, add pages and publish blogs. But serious businesses hire a web developer to tackle the technical and design challenges. We can create any design to showcase your brand and increase traffic.


E-Commerce on WordPress

Using the WooCommerce plugin, we’ll build a professional e-commerce site so your business can take bookings, sell services, or sell digital or physical products.

Retail E-Commerce

Ready-made and custom-built websites that supercharge your e-commerce business.
REC Basic - A ready-made online shop that’s faster and more secure.

REC makes it easier to manage your stock, orders and promotions and integrates nicely with 3rd-party platforms. Whether selling digital or physical products, we can set up your online shop within weeks.

REC Max - Take your business to the next level: Improve operational efficiency and accuracy.

We’ll build you a unique e-commerce website that integrates all of your business software. Manage everything on one dashboard – B2B, B2C, wholesale, inventory, promotions, reporting & 3rd-party shops like Lazada or Shopee.

Do you have any questions about a project? 

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  • TMES-Customer briefing
    Discuss the website concept, design, features and budget
  • Assessment
    Calculate project timeline
  • Design
    Design website structure Sitemap / wireframe
  • Presentation
    Present website template
  • Upload
    Upload template design to actual website
  • Submission
    Final adjustments & deliver

Our expertise in websites

We have developed over 1,000 websites for our clients. The reason: our designs are eye-catching and function smoothly. We build a website by carefully planning each detail to match your audience needs. Our websites are fully responsive for all devices and optimised for search engines like Google.

Why a custom-built website is the better option for most businesses

The quick list
  • Better security.

    Better quality coding and less prone to hacks.

  • Better performance.

    A far superior website and system speed.

  • More reliable.

    No need to regularly update plugins or security.

  • Tailor made.

    Every feature designed specifically for your brand and business needs.

  • Better for business.

    Connects to SAP, Microsoft 365, Oracle.

The technical reasons
  • Due to its popularity, the WordPress (and WooCommerce) server is constantly being attacked by hackers. This means they have to regularly update their security system, and release new version updates.
  • At the same time, third-party developers must release updates to keep pace with Wordpress. The current PHP version for Wordpress is 7.4 (Oct 2020).
  • PHP is the coding backbone of a website and essential to its security and smooth-running delivery.
  • However, most web hosting providers in Thailand use PHP version 5.5 or less, which is not fully supported by WooCommerce. This slows the website and creates security risks.
  • If you build a website on a platform like Wordpress, every extra feature you want, requires a new plugin. Plugins have the design limitations and often fail to meet expectations. They also present new performance issues by conflicting with other plugins or creating security risks.