Take your sales to the next level.

For retailers, e-tailers and wholesalers.

  • Purchasing
  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Accounting

Take your sales to the next level

Volume Retail Management software is an all-in-one dashboard for retailers, e-tailers, wholesalers and services. From vendor inventory and warehouse management to accounting, reporting and point of sale, Volume is built to streamline your processes, giving medium-sized and enterprise companies control over every aspect of their B2B and B2C operations.

For retailers, e-tailers, wholesalers and services

    Key features include:
  • Merchandising, warehouse management and accounting
  • Apply different pricing models to different customers or markets.
  • Reporting, analytics and business intelligence tools
  • Centralised management of prices, promotions and campaigns
  • Inventory and supplier management
  • Accounting and reconciliation

Main Features for the VOLUME Business Platform

1. Home Menu
  • Access all dashboard sections and menus.
  • Manage Site Settings and Dashboard Settings
  • uthorization Keys for Social Media
  • Import Feature
  • Payment Configuration Menu
2. Products Menu
  • View, add and amend products by name, type, category, variant, collection and attributes.
  • Import and export product lists with images.
  • Subpages include: Variants, Categories, Collections, Product Type, Attributes
3. Stock Menu
  • View, add and amend stock manually.
  • Import/export stock data
  • Stock Movement
  • Allocated Order List
4. Sales Menu
  • Add new sales manually and manage sales discounts.
  • Import/export sales data.
  • Sub menus include: Vouchers, Promotions, Announcements
5. Orders Menu
  • Review lists of complete and incomplete orders, verify payment and processing, and view order history.
  • Import/export orders data.
  • Order Import/Export Menu
  • Order Reports Menu
6. Customer Menu
  • View, add and amend customer information.
  • Import and export customer information.
  • Add case notes and review purchase history.
  • Import/export customer data.
7. Staff Member Menu
  • View, add and amend staff information.
  • Control user admin permissions.
  • Manage user ID access.
8. Shipping Menu
  • Create shipping zones with price and weight variants.
  • View shipping history.
  • Import/export shipping data.
  • Price/Weight Based Shipping
  • Weight & Excel File-based Shipping
  • Taxes Menu
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