Exceed the expectations of the modern consumer.

Ready-made and custom-built websites for retail.


We built the REC e-commerce platform from the ground up. It’s designed for people with no website or technical background. Our websites are incredibly user friendly and come with the tools you need to build, manage, and grow your business.


REC Max includes all of the features found in REC Basic. When building a custom-made platform, we will work with you to develop a special admin dashboard and additional features that can integrate with existing business management software. Now you can have one efficient system that improves speed and accuracy.

Key features that improve the shopping experience and your conversion rates

Web Design & UX/UI

We create websites that go beyond functionality and design and make our clients proud – a beautiful clean design to match your brand, that meets the shopping habits of the modern consumer and gives you the power to grow your business.

Mobile First: From home to checkout in a couple of clicks

Many customers make purchase decisions on an impulse, especially in retail and fashion. This year, 54% of purchases will be made on mobiles. Our websites are designed with this in mind with clear signposting to guide the user to the check-out.


The majority of our customers use SAP, Oracle or Microsoft for their enterprise resource management. So we built an e-commerce system to match all three and seamlessly integrate with your procurement, production, distribution, accounting, CRM, sales and HR processes. For retailers, REC platform easily integrates with Thailand’s main 3rd-party retail platforms Shopee and Lazada.

Language and Content Localisation


The quality of the written word and marketing on your website reflects your professionalism as a brand. We provide native-tongue written content and translation for Thai, English, Chinese and Japanese to ensure your brand meets the professional expectations of your customers in the largest markets. For some customers, it can be the key differentiator between you and your competitors.

Cloud-Based Technology

Payment Gateways Installed

Trust is a major factor for any shopper. That’s why it’s important for you to provide payment options they know. Payments in Thailand and abroad are made easy with Alibaba Cloud, PayPal, Omise, 2C2P and KBank.

Main Admin Features for the REC e-Commerce Platform

1. Home Menu
  • Access all dashboard sections and menus.
  • Manage Site Settings and Dashboard Settings
  • uthorization Keys for Social Media
  • Import Feature
  • Payment Configuration Menu
2. Products Menu
  • View, add and amend products by name, type, category, variant, collection and attributes.
  • Import and export product lists with images.
  • Subpages include: Variants, Categories, Collections, Product Type, Attributes
3. Stock Menu
  • View, add and amend stock manually.
  • Import/export stock data
  • Stock Movement
  • Allocated Order List
4. Sales Menu
  • Add new sales manually and manage sales discounts.
  • Import/export sales data.
  • Sub menus include: Vouchers, Promotions, Announcements
5. Orders Menu
  • Review lists of complete and incomplete orders, verify payment and processing, and view order history.
  • Import/export orders data.
  • Order Import/Export Menu
  • Order Reports Menu
6. Customer Menu
  • View, add and amend customer information.
  • Import and export customer information.
  • Add case notes and review purchase history.
  • Import/export customer data.
7. Staff Member Menu
  • View, add and amend staff information.
  • Control user admin permissions.
  • Manage user ID access.
8. Shipping Menu
  • Create shipping zones with price and weight variants.
  • View shipping history.
  • Import/export shipping data.
  • Price/Weight Based Shipping
  • Weight & Excel File-based Shipping
  • Taxes Menu
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For the past decade, we have provided core IT and infrastructure services to business across southeast Asia, so we understand the technology challenges for each sector. More and more, our clients are looking for technological solutions to streamline their operations and help them reduce delays and errors. We have worked closely with our partners to develop business software solutions that meet their needs and give them an edge over the market.