Content Strategies and Copywriting for E-Commerce

01 March 2021 | Ecommerce

Content Strategies and Copywriting for E-Commerce

Developing a Bond with the Customer and Increasing Sales


There are a lot of conflicting views about copywriting for ecommerce. Some experts say you should keep your landing pages short, and create a sense of urgency to drive sales. Others will say that long form is important to paint a clear picture of why visitors need your product.


However, for SEO and sales conversions, 300 words per landing page is the optimum length, according to research by (a public technology company in Texas USA).  


What is e-commerce Copywriting? It includes any written text, such as:

  • Headlines
  • Category pages
  • Product descriptions
  • Promo offers
  • Landing pages
  • About Us / Brand stories


The goal of ecommerce copywriting is to clearly explain the benefits of your products while also helping your online store rank better on search engines. To be successful, you have to be a strong communicator, persuasive with words, promote the voice of your brand, and understand the psychology of what makes a customer purchase.




1. Defines your brand2. Informs and educates the customer3. Improves the SEO4. Increases sales
Every piece of communication and page on your website defines whether you are a budget, middle or high-end brand. The images and the written copy are equally important as they form the memories for the visitor that often bring them back. The word count needs to be the right amount for SEO, but not too much information. It also must be strategically presented, using clear-eye-catching headlines, placing the most important information at the top, and building a bond with the customer. In addition to product labelling, headlines and meta tags, keywords must appear frequently in the written paragraphs of the website. Pages should be updated or new blogs posted regularly with the keywords to stay high in the Google rankings.The words you choose to welcome your visitors and describe your products can affect the mood of the buyer and the bond that is formed between brand and customer. To plain and sterile, and it’s harder to differentiate yourself and your products from the competition. Too gimmicky or quirky, and you can come across unprofessional. 



SEO and Brand Enhancement

Pages on your website that need copywriting



About pages :

  • What is your story? What makes your products or service superior to your competitors?
  • This page helps to sell the lifestyle of your brand and gain the trust of the visitor.
  • For example, explain the company history, your passion and your service commitment.

Product pages :

  • Include the USP, features and benefits for each product. Try to tell a story with each product. E.g. The freshness of the food, the careful transportation, and the health benefits.

Category pages :

  • A couple of sentences introducing the section should be included at the top and bottom of the page. Highlighting keywords is also great for SEO and for capturing the visitor’s attention and shows why they’re in the right place for these products.
  • Another couple of sentences at the bottom of the page also helps to close the page and increase SEO.

Blogs / promotions :

  • How-to Content - Perfect for companies selling niche products, this type of content brings in people interested in a particular topic or item and shows them how to use it and why to use it. It helps to add authority to your brand, spark ideas for recipes, or help the customer imagine themselves sampling the product.
  • Video content – This is the best and most useful content for ecommerce. Colourful videos hosted shared on Facebook stand are clicked on and shared 3 times more than standard text posts. On the home and product pages of your website, they are an excellent way to market, demonstrate and explain the products you are selling.

Marketing content idea - Food cooking videos 

Include a mouthwatering cooking video on your home page and social media feed that inspires customers to cook something new and delicious. With the ingredients used in the video listed to the side, customers can easily add the meal plan to their basket with cooking instructions.

See this video for an example: 


Copywriting: Things to consider

Brand style guideDo you have a brand style guide which details the look and feel of your brand? This includes everything from graphic design rules governing the use of the company logo, website colours and letterhead/invoices, to the tone of voice used in written communication on the website and in advertising. This takes into account the demographic of your target audience and how you want to represent your brand.

Style of copywriting


Have you defined a brand style guide for social media and online marketing? 
Which words or phrases trigger more sales?
  • Use simple, easy-to-understand language. Don’t write for the academic.
  • Using positive language that appeals to visitor emotions can get shoppers excited enough to start buying.
  • Use words linked to emotions (e.g. anticipation and joy). These help to increase the conversion rates.
How long should your landing pages be? / How much copy is best for SEO?The optimum length of copy appears to be 300 words. Paragraphs should fit your tone of voice and be informative, with simple explanations about the page contents. Keywords should be used for SEO but not in a contrived writing style that makes the reader feel awkward.




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